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A fundamental concern of Ron Kostoff's work is to objectify the subjective and give pictorial form to his conscious and subconscious experience. Although his works originate from personal expression, experience and observation of the world around him; they also encompass empathetic aspects of the human condition as a whole.

Kostoff’s narratives are stated more covertly than overtly, which in some ways connects his work to the Symbolists. Within the picture plane he carves an expressionistic space around his subject matter, which gives testimony to its inner psychology. He would like his images to purport, transcend and possess a strong measure of mystery and wonderment. He believes this gives the work longevity and endurance inviting us back again and again as well as providing a rich and unique visual experience.

Ron Kostoff is constantly seeking different avenues to reshape contemporary realism that up to now has been supported by the past and is being infinitely re-invented for the future. He is hopeful that his work is inclusive to this evolutionary process.

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