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Duffy Sheridan

Duffy Sheridan is known for his ultra realistic, contemplative paintings of women. With no formal art education, he has learned his skill from his father, an artist, and much observation. Sheridans continual strive for perfection is evident in his masterful technique and attention to detail.

Sheridans goal, beyond making the painting look as lifelike as possible, is to celebrate the human spirit. For me, beauty is the key, says Sheridan. Rather than render a narrative, I attempt to capture and portray a specific quality that is beyond the familiar…its spiritual. The viewer is emotionally drawn to Sheridans oil paintings which convey a sense of peace and innocence. His classical painting style is reminiscent of one of his favorite artists, John Singer Sargent. Although it may seem like Sheridan paints every single detail, he actually doesnt. Rather, he provides the visual clues that allow the viewer to fill in the rest and make the figure look real.

After 30 years of living in remote locations and painting in relative obscurity, Sheridan in recent years has caught the attention of collectors. He has won several awards, including the Presidents Award at the Florence Biennial. Sheridan is grateful that his oil paintings are being appreciated. He takes pleasure in accomplishing what he feels is his role as an artist, to elevate the human spirit.

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