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Don Williams paints his memories of growing up in the Midwest. Landscapes with dominating expanses of sky and trains often find their way into his haunting paintings.

"In 2011 ,while at a six week artist residency in Nebraska City, Nebraska, I was reacquainted with the alleys that are so common in the Midwest. They are a great source for subject matter. I like their deep perspective and the open views they provide into people's backyards where there are all kinds of interesting things to paint."

"Having a personal connection to the subject is important but it's not my only motivation for painting. There is something fundamental in the creative process itself that gives it meaning and holds my interest. It begins with a sense of anticipation I often get when starting a new painting (a bit like the feeling I had as a child when opening a new box of crayons ) and remains throughout the entire experience of working around all the technical and conceptual challenges involved in building a painting. The frustrations and successes along the way are what keep me coming back to the studio."

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